Flights of Fancy achievement stuck at 66%

I unlocked the first 66 percent using the A320 neo and the Citation CJ4. I tried to use the 172 Skyhawk for the last portion of the achievement. However, the achievement did not progress. I didn’t use time compression (just changed the weather). I went from runway to runway. Do I need to go from parking place to parking place? I don’t remember doing that before. The first time I tried with the 172, I had added fuel mid-flight, but the second time I didn’t (just maxed out fuel on the runway. The only mods (as such) I have are the FlyByWire A320 aircraft.

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Dunno if this is your issue, but if you didn’t do so, try a Towered to Towered flight.

There were issues with My Way and Jack of All Planes where it was necessary to use Towered airports for origin and destination.

I think My Way may have even needed some pretty specific parking spot to final taxi to.

Perhaps some of those requirements are needed for this one, too.

Hmm, the airports I tried were KCMH, KIAD, KCVG, and KCLT. I think those all have towers.

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