Flightsim CTD after 1 hour in VR

Does anyone have this problem. I’ve reported it to the MSFS guru’s but have not had success in prevention. I tried flying from Cleveland (KCLE) to Newark (KEWR) (1 hour and 2 minutes) in the Airbus 320. Everything functions fine until I am almost ready for final. That’s when I get a message that my Rift S is no longer connected and the sim crashes to desktop. Anyone know why or what a fix I might need to do. Very frustrating to fly that long only to CTD just before making the landing approach.

Welcome to the club… My G2 vr was working great for months then came update 3 and now CTD for the last nearly 5 Months no fix as yet, What error are you getting in Event Viewer ? is it vcruntime140.dll

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