FlightSim Studio Philadelphia (KPHL)

I intend to get it on MarketPlace but not sure how the quality is, could you please make some screenshots of the airport?

Not sure why it is a FlightSim Studio AG product, but not listed on Aerosoft or Contrail as their other products: EDXB, EDXO…, even not on their own website (MarketPlace exclusive?)

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Wondering the same thing. Seems this was a quiet release of a major airport? Weird. Screenshots look meh.

Wondering the same thing. I was shocked to see it in the list of Marketplace updates seemingly out of nowhere, but the weirdest part by far is the fact that there has been absolutely 0 publicity about it from the developers. Besides some not-so-comprehensive screenshots, there’s no good info on it to judge whether it’s worth the purchase or more worth to wait for DominicDesignTeam’s.


There is a confersation about this on their discord. The FSS community manager didn’t even knew about the release. It’s not even on their own website. Someone on discord bought it and said it was ok.l, but lacking. It wasn’t an extensive review.

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Probably someone used their name without permission? The screenshots on MarketPlace look very low quality.

But another good news is coming: MK-Studios teased a photo of KPHL on their social media today

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I bought it last night. While it is a vast improvement over the default (at least the terminal buildings appear as they should), the quality is only fair with rather low res textures. Not worth buying if we are getting one from MK-Studios.

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For anyone interested, the MK Studio version is available on Simmarket now, if you don’t want to buy it from the MSFS store…

The one on Simmarket is from MK not from FlightSim Studio.

I just downloaded the MKStudio KPHL. This airport is much better with decent textures, some terminal interiors (mostly concourses), the airport rail line (missing in FSS), more detail in the GA area and more. It is hard on framerates however. That said, unless you have a low-end system get the MKStudio version.
My guess is that the FSS airport was something that was uploaded to the Marketplace just to get ahead of MKStudios.


Updated my post, to point that out, thanks!

I got the FSS KPHL myself and its of fair quality and a vast improvement over the default but the MK looks really nice based on pics. I run triple screen high res so in my case I like a balance of FPS and this one runs very smooth even with all the enhancements to Philly around.

Although I probably would have gotten the MK one if they both came out at the same time, I jumped fast here…

Picked up the MKStudio version from Orbx this morning and used it for a PMDG AA 737 flight to IniBuilds KLAX. Overall a nice improvement.

The good:

  • Ground textures
  • Tower
  • Taxi lights and markings
  • Jetway (even the insides)
  • Performance seemed good but I have a high-end machine and lock to 30FPS so generally don’t care.

No so good:

  • The interiors look odd though some of the terminal windows. The images appear low resolution and 2D. I’m not an aficionado of detailed airport interiors but these do look a little strange when looking out the cockpit into the terminals during flight setup.

  • Could have been the weather at the airport this morning but the colors seem muted.

Overall, happy with purchase and will continue to explore.


Yep, that’s probably what happened. They’ve realized that MK Studios are going to release KPHL soon, so they rushed with the release so many people who don’t read news about upcoming MSFS addons will buy it thinking there won’t be another version in the nearest future.

I just bought MKStudios KPHL through the marketplace and the jetways arent working with GSX Pro. So I’m guessing they are not compatible? Would any of you know?

Did you exclude KPHL jetways in the GSX config?

Dominic Design Team just released their KPHL on SimMarket. So now there are three payware versions for MSFS (Plus one for XP). Interesting as Philadelphia was one of the last major U.S. cities to get a good third party airport in MSFS.


Yeah, the MK and DDT versions both look quite good, with the FSS being more, ahem, frame-friendly.
Hopefully we’ll get someone to do a 3-way comparison.

3 new payware KPHLs for MSFS and 1 for XP. That’s four after years and years of none. Wild.

Philly never gets no love! (as they would say there). Maybe it was because the Phillies (baseball) and the Eagles (American football) got to the championships last year.

Acually I did pull some screenshots of the DDT and MK versions. Here they are:



Not much difference on the outside but if we take a look inside…



While both have interior detail, MK Studios has retail shops which are not in the Dominic Design version (although DDT ha animated people). I have flown in an out of KPHL many times IRL, and feel that MK is much closer to life.

Here is a landside view between the B and C teminals (the red brick portion of the building is the original terminal built in 1952).



The airport rail line is accurate in both versions (although DDT has an animated train).

The General Aviation ramp:



Night Lighting:



Dominic Design Team has the edge here.

Overall I prefer MK Studios to Dominic Design Team because of slightly better framerates and fewer bugs (some rough ground textures and other minor bugs).


Thanks, brief scenery comparisons/reviews are something I always find invaluable. Interesting that you prefer the DDT night lighting as it looks a bit overcooked in your screenshot - MK appears a bit more subtle - but hard to judge when you’ve not got both ‘in hand’. From your screenshots the MK version looks more lifelike.

Thanks for this! I saw the Flightsim Studio AG on sale for just $4.99 on Marketplace. No bad for the price perhaps…Better than $14.99

But for quality, MK Studios seems clearly worthwhile!