FlightSimBuilder GNS530 & GNS430 Q's

I was looking at purchasing the FlightSimbuilder GNS 530/430 panels.

I didn’t realise they are basically just a 2nd-3rd monitor and you have to drag the msfs panel to them to work.

That means you are limited to aircraft that have them fitted.

Are there any self contained, standalone alternatives ?

Im not certain of alternatives, but I do have the 530 unit and it’s excellent. While yes, I can only use it on a 530/430 unit in the sim, it also makes an excellent 2nd small screem for items such as VatSim. And while you would think thats silly, the buttons still are mapped to the 530…. So I can fly in a 172 using the buttons to navigate the unit in the sim, I have Vatsim on that screen…

Or its perfect in VR, because the buttons are in right spot…. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think I’ll get them both.

I’ve always been an old school analogue flyer, but this appeals to me.

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