Flightsimulator.exe wont close

No difference after the last update, rather worse, now I have to force the program to quit every time.

After today’s patch (december 1, 2022) my issue is still there … -MSFS do not close down to desktop when exiting MSFS. I have to force it to close in the taskmanager.

If anyone have a solution i am all ears :face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have the same problem. It could be the Fenix ​​Airbus, the problem appeared when I installed it. I have to test.

Same here too,

Same here. Not every time (Steam).

Same here. I haven’t tested it but I suspect FSRealistic has something to do with it.

I do not have FSRealistic. My sim wont close every time.

I seem always to have had this ‘refuse to close down gracefully’ problem with MSFS. So until recently it has been Control-Alt- Delete etc every time, with the consequence that on next start up I get the box suggesting I might like to start up in Safe Mode. I never do.

However, by chance today when I was about to close MSFS down, I had Steam up on another screen, showing that MSFS was running and having a ‘Close’ button available. I clicked on it, got a warning that any unsaved material in the sim might be lost, but carried on and closed MSFS this way.

I’ve done it three times now, and on each occasion the following start up has been normal - no warning in a square about ‘not properly closed on the last occasion used’.

Of course, this is only an option with the Steam edition. But it may help someone else.

Same here, seems to exit back to the desktop but the process is still running and the app still visible in the task bar. Have to kill the process. Only happened after SU11; this is on Windows 11. No supporting programs running at the time it fails to close down. Clearly a bug.

another victim and i have every program above

Same here. Only time MSFS quits without having it to kill in the Task Manager is when no other tool is running with it. In my case it was Fenix and FSUIPC – quits without either of them, but when one of them is installed, it just hangs at “not responding”. This is a clean Windows 10 and sim install from two weeks ago, it was running fine with both of these tools (and many more for that matter) before.
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