Flightsimulator slow download

First of all my regards

From the 18th at 12.00am I started to download the game “Flightsimulator” and I have been downloading for 24 hours and there is still 60GB to download. I have a 120Megas internet connection. The game is currently downloading at 800KBS

I already tried and made what they comment to do the option of
“netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = normal”

Please I need some help, at the rate I’m going, I’ll download the game in 5 days.

Waiting for your help

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I don’t know how to help you, but I have the same problem too. Mine I wired connection and it still take me 4 hour to download 91gb. But I do notice during my first attempt is just to restart the pc and redownload it and it will be alot faster.

I have restarted the pc several times more than 10, also it is the third time that I begin to install and it continues doing the same. Flightsimulator support should solve this problem immediately.

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I have tried the following whilst the sim is downloading, and works 50/50
Run the command line as an administrator
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

took my download speed from 0.02mbps to 95mbps on a 100mbps connection.

AS I said works 50% of the time, and I had to do it multiple times through the downlaod, and still trying to download

PS: These commands were recommeded form Microsoft Support

Another thing to try is a VPN – there have been problems in Australia with one ISP at least having some routing/congestion issues with MS that a VPN was able to work around.

Which ISP is it?

The one I’m aware of is/was Aussie BB.

great my ISP, so would you just sign up to a VPN to get around the slow download issue?

That’s probably one of the few things you could do that’s in your direct control. You can also log a fault with them of course, but I think others have done that already. You can reference ticket number 9464934 if you want to go down that path, I think that’s one of the earlier tickets from yesterday.

In their defense, they did sort this problem out yesterday apparently, but it’s obviously crept back in. It’s not their fault entierly either, it’s to do with the peering relationships that they have, and the way that MS advertises their servers/services to the world.

The VPN makes you appear like you’re coming from a different ISP/network location, which is why it helps in this case.

These commands have nothing to do with your throughput. The only reasonable explanation is that when you restarted the download it was faster.

They never sorted it. I’m with Aussie, and it’s been slow AF for me since it became available to download at 2pm for us. I’m still sitting at just over 50gb to download, after having it running from that time, minus the time taken to do a couple of reboots after trying to the ‘solutions’.

I already tried this solution and nothing friend, the same

That’s not good to hear. I’m not with Aussie myself, but know people who are. If you have a VPN option, I’d try that, but you really shouldn’t have to sign up for a VPN service to download your game data. Only other option I’d suggest is logging a ticket with Aussie.

I am only just quoting what Microsoft Support said to try

Friend could you recommend me some VPN, Thank you

I am in the same boat as you bro. I have Cox giga blast and am always superfast on everything. Usually a 75GB game is no sweat!

However, I have been downloading MSFS 20 for well over 24 hours now, and am still not at 50% done yet. What gives?

This is sort of ridiculous, and reading all the reviews so far makes me wonder if I should have waited maybe a few months for this sim.

At any rate, good luck to you, and hope your download and mine somehow speed up!

It shouldn’t matter which one you pick for this purpose. Personally I use Private Internet Access, but there are many others (some cheaper too) out there. See if you can find one that has a free trial :slight_smile:.

I just downloaded Cyberghost, and my download has gone from 0.20 to 75.00, have downloaded more in the past 3 moinutes than the last 6 hours


I understand that, I just wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t, it’s a pre-canned nonsense response from Microsoft.

Nice! Hope to see you in the skies soon!