Flightspots new functionality

Hey all, I pushed an update to the other day with some heavily requested features :slight_smile:

You can now find the 5 nearest landing zones for a location by clicking the airport icon on the right hand side when viewing a spot. The database contains just over 55,000 airports, and you can click on an airport to get more information. You can also click the cloud symbol to view live weather data for any location.

You can now create collections of spots, which makes it easier to plan trips, share collections with fellow pilots, or let people follow along on your world tour. For example, If you’re planning a trip across the magnificent African continent, you can create a collection of all the best locations to visit on your cross continent flight. You can create a collection with places you’re planning to visit, or share a collection of amazing ground patterns, like this one,

As a bonus, you can also share your profile, or click on a users name to see all of their uploaded spots and collections.

The search and filter functions have also been refined to make it easier to find cool locations.

I’ve pushed this on desktop first, and if nothing is majorly broken, I will push it to mobile browsers as well. So please ping me if you find anything broken :wink:

Keep sending me ideas and feature requests, and I’ll continue to implement them. :heart:


I do like the website, but it has a very annoying popup, asking me to sign up for email alerts (which I DID), but the popups will not stop!

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Fixed it! Thanks for pointing that out, that did get pretty annoying pretty fast. :+1: