Flipping a panel switch triggers an event, but triggering this event doesn't in turn flip the switch?

I am trying to do something really simple (I’m not a dev).

The JustFlight Piper Arrow 3/4 have a rocker switch on the autopilot panel called Heading Switch.

When it’s switched to the ON position, it fires the following Simconnect event:

When OFF, it fires: AP_HDG_HOLD_OFF

BUT: When I fire that same event (using a key binding via Spad.Next or the standard control mapping), this switch does not move. How is this possible? Shouldn’t they be mutually connected?

What am I missing? How can I find out what event I need to fire to flick that switch to ON and OFF? Or is it possible that no such event exists?

Any help much appreciated, thanks!

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I don’t think there is any sim connect event for it. You could try to monitor all the lvars using Spad. This is how it is done with the ASCRJ. I do not have the Piper, so that is about all the help I have.

How can I monitor those simvars In Spad? Event monitor again?

And, if I identify one, can I map it directly to a button?


Use the Data Monitor and click on the Add LVAR button. This will add all the Lvars to the list. You should do this after you are in the plane. The Lvars can change with each aircraft type.

The question is does the autopilot go in and out of heading hold when you fire the event. If it does just ignore the vc switch. Many controls are like this because the sim connect event is not always linked to the vc animation. Yes I know that’s lame but that’s the way it is for now. If we ever get access to the other var types we should be able to fire the animation also.

Update: Managed to get the bindings I needed using simvars in Spad.Next

Haven’t had that issue, but for me any multi-position switch in any aircraft can’t be changed. As soon as you try to change it, the setting momentarily changes then goes right back to the original position. Has anyone else had the same issue? Support claims to know nothing and I had to send them a video of the problem.

I’ve had issues in the past where changing a SimVar seems to have no effect or it changes momentarily then changes back, this usually means the SimVar is being updated by the AI, which I’d forgotten to disable.

All of the aids are turned off in the game to attempt to prevent that from being the problem. Microsoft admitted that the profile mappings are completely SCREWED. Still no idea or timeframe given for when this mess is going to be fixed. I am so glad that I paid $350 for the TurtleBeach VelocityOne controller to have an overpriced paper weight that can’t even be used or when it is used the game screws up the function mapping on its own. So far I am not impressed with either company that for almost $500 in total nothing works as promised.