Float plane warning about gear down/up?

Having just completed the endless download to the latest Update 5, I decided to try out a Floatplane via the ~POI section of the menu. I tried two different aircraft, and in both, as soon as I go anywhere near the ground/water, it just went on and on with irrelevant warnings about wheels down when they are up, wheels up when they are down etc, and it just never stops…

Anyone else seeing this this horror “Feature” ?

Worse yet, I came out of floatplanes, and tried to select a C172 landplane - Nope, will not show them, only floatplanes are available to me, even after selecting - the Propellers (25) option in a/c selection menu, I just get 5 floatplanes - Grrrrrrrr What happened to software testing at M$$$$$$. Too much emphasis on Delivery dates, and not enough on "Is it ready for the general flight simmer ? "

Ah Well, Yet another restart of FS2020, it becomes very boring right now - Release 5 is a nightmare overall, crashes to desktop, terrible scenery updating of things like trees and water, (you can watch them repainting as soon as you move your view) , really annoying.

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There is a big fat button to acknowledge the advisory from the plane. Then it immediatly stops, after you pushed it. There have been plenty of accidents with Amphibious planes and your insurance would really want that installed :slight_smile:


The problem is the logic for when the warning goes off seems bugged. But yes, you can click the button on the gear controls and it shuts up.

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I thought that about the message until I saw a big fat orange flashing button when I landed on the water :man_facepalming:

Thanks for feedback. I clearly missed that, I guess I was too busy looking outside to look down at the panel :-((( Other problems I mentioned are still there though…

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Yeah it’s extremely annoying. I use a home cockpit and there is no way to map a button to gear silence and there is no way I’m going to use my mouse and ruin the immersion. The other bug is the constant “don’t sink” alarm that will randomly start repeating itself. I just edit the sound.xml and delete the lines to those alarms.


Great Idea, I will certainly follow your lead with that !!

I just put the much vaunted Hotfix on my sim. It crashed my PC totally, and it took attempts to even reboot it. It appears like it did something nasty to my graphics card on it’s way out the door.

Sound WwiseData=“true” WwiseEvent=“tone_altitude_alert_default” ViewPoint="Inside"Sound WwiseData=“true” WwiseEvent=“aural_landing_gear_up”
Sound WwiseData=“true” WwiseEvent=“aural_landing_gear_down”
-change “true” to “false”

Check your content manager. The ‘landplane’ probably is not installed

I like that master caution button in the Cessna warning about having the gear ready for water or runway landing. It´s awesome and realistic having a very talkative Garmin 1000 plane telling me about the height above ground when landing, having gear warning sounds till aknowledging it with a button and so on.

THAT’S AWESOME!!! I will definitely try that, thanks! (They both annoy the ■■■■ out of me!)

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Haha yeah, it wouldn’t be bad if it would only repeat a few times, but it repeats ad infinitum. Being able to map a button to the gear horn/master alarm silence button would be great too, but like with many controls there is no way to do it yet.

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is there a proper place to ask for features like that to be added?

TBH, looking through the events available, I’m surprised at how much detail there are on some things, and absolutely nothing regarding (for example) the warning buttons.

Is there a feature request area or something that exists to address issues like this?

Where are those files located? What are they named?

I dont know if you have found it or not.
But i will post the link anyway.

Just wanted to remind you: gears up for water landing!

But seriously, if you want a float plane check out the Widgeon. I think it handles better on water than on wheels and never yells at you but you will crash if your gear is down for a water landing.

Just be prepared - she is a taildragger and requires a lot of love on the ground.

Except it doesnt stop, it keeps going off again and again

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