Floating AI Aircraft

Hi there. Firstly I love spending time on the PC, planning flights with P2ATC, littlenavmap, simbrief and then getting into the SIM which I do enjoy. After all the planning and getting into the SIM and spawning at a gate I looked around and found parked AI aircraft floating with nose down. Not all AI aircraft are doing this reverse wheelie, I have identified it as the caravan and removed them from the community folder for the time being but before yesterday this was not a problem. Now I did check this at another airport and there was no floating planes. The airport where I get this issue is EGMC, Southend which is where I have been flying into and from since I bought the SIM. Does anyone else see this. The caravans are the default with livery megapacks. Anyway cheers

i’ve got a same problem ,i have parked cessna ai traffic floating 50cm above the ground since i did the 40th aniv MAJ UPDATE ???