Floating "Gems" [RESOLVED]

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RESOLVED - Found issue to be related to an add-on called “Night 3D USA WEST” by Taburet. Great add-on but they use these “gems” as the emitters for the additional light work that the mod does.

In version I have noticed what appear as floating white “gems” due to their geometric shape that also emit light at night, as if they were some kind of streetlamp. I’m noticing them on airports and in scenery with seemingly random placement.

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Enter the sim, position at an airport and enter the drone camera and hunt for them. In the image you can load in at KLAX near the light pilars on the road leading into LAX and you will find the ones I shared in the photo.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

i7 6700k
Asus Hero Maximus VIII
32 MB DDR4
GTX 1080Ti
Samsung EVO 850 SSD

Full Screen
VSYNC ON - 50% monitor refresh rate (Native 4K monitor)
30 FPS locked
TLOD: 100
Buildings: Medium
OLOD: 100

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