Floating lights

hello guys,
do you still have floating lights in your locations?
I have check Hong Kong and it is solved there.

Some floating street lights next to OLBA Airport been like this for a while now with no fix

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Flying while night, sunrise,… on the gorund are several white floating and moving lights. See screenshot red circle
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Intel 9900K
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Check at night. For me, nearly all lights where missing

On Xbox, night scenery is completely broken after World Update VI. The lights don’t appear, yet when you turn the camera up/down they appear on a completwly disconnected, floating layer.

In my game lights are floating above the ground. Doesn’t matter if I spawn in Poland, Switzerland or USA. It makes night flying almost imposible as ground is completly dark and lights are loading in air.

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There is a night lighting bug – Asobo is already aware.


Yeah same issue. Melbourne Australia and all other cities with street lamps that I go to have floating lamps. Also seems to be a projector effect on the horizon of my aircraft? Anyone got any fix ideas?

For the night lighting bug, that occured after WU6 and with a render scale set other than 100%, I would suggest to vote here instead: [BUG LOGGED] WU6 and night lighting broken

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Same here. I have floating lights all over the world where night occurs. Is there any resolution to this? The main part of the fun is flying at night

There will be a hotfix in the coming week:

it’s double trouble, if rendering scale set >100 but even with 100 some place had this problem from first version, madeira as example, and in that case is only about another glitch, not depended of render scale at all

i have floating lights everywhere and its ■■■■■■■ annoying

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Night flight over London is a joke the lighting is terrible makes it impossible to fly on xbox. Very Disappointed pay all that money for all these problems

Same here very Dissapointed

Please Please do something about the stuttering and freezing on every flight on xbox x PLEASE

Have this issue on Xbox Series X, this is over L.A.

Yeah I have the same thing, I think everyone is having this issue, introduced with WU6.

Same issue mentioned here floating lights seen at LOWI after the hot fix SU6 1.19.9 i believe it is…

KBOI floating lights.