Floating lights

I do have the same in the Alps.

Still there in the latest update… :frowning:

still here with usa update patch #2. Multiple locations experiencing same thing. Is there a way to disable these. also the sim seems to be needing more resources, things are laggy again

One of the “floating lights” just entered my cockpit on final… couldn’t capture that, though, went too fast. There are some on final RWY 09 at LILO, if anyone is up to it :slight_smile:

Where are you still seeing it?

Where, specifically, are you still seeing it?

Greetings from Bern - Belp, city of floating lights. You can see them first to the left on short final, then on the right above the apron. And all the red lights above the city of Bern are wrong too and floating there for no reason. But it’s an alp region thing which Asobo seems to be aware of as they said in their last Q&A stream on Twitch.

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At LOWI, for instance:

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Another example:

KSEZ, t/o from Rwy 3 => lots of floating lights on the left hand side above the city of Sedona.

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Updated and the floating lights have now gained altitude to the point of being along the top of my tallest city building…
They never ever reached that height before …
Nothing else has changed however in my area in the USA update sadly…

Hello @Brasstech ,
I have moved your post into the main topic for floating lights. Where are you seeing floating lights?

They are now along the top of the tallest buildings…
They seem to be like long strings of lights.
Before the recent update they were above most streets now they have moved to well above building levels…

Hi @Brasstech,
Per the Community Manager instructions, please post photos and the location for Asobo to review. Makes it easier for them than having to search the world of buildings for lights.

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Hi @Brasstech,
Unfortunately, I need more than “the top of the tallest buildings”. There are plenty of cities where you can fly and not see floating lights.
If you can give me the names of the cities or the airport(s) and runway(s) to fly out of, I can track them down.

Hi @N316TS
LSGS, LSMJ, LSMI, LOWI - just the ones I checked but I’m sure there are many more.

Thanks for looking into this. Shal I log a case with Zendesk?

Thanks, I confirmed those locations. I have a separate list that I am maintaining, but it is always good to log a Zendesk ticket.

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It’s not just an Alps thing, it’s apparent all over the world. I’ve seen it in the Aspen challenge. Hell I’ve even seen it on a free flight after landing in La Guardia (KLGA)

My suspicion is that it’s caused when the lights are loading before the terrain is fully loaded, or the terrain detail increases as you get closer, but the lights that initially spawned don’t get moved back to their correct location.

Kbkl and 3g3

After a complete reinstall and enabling a 50 Gig cache my light string issue along my buildings and streets from my city of Charleston WV have cleared up…
Did a flight tonight and everything looks great…

The floating lights are back unfortunately…
Here is a sample video I have posted to You tube that shows the issue from tonight’s flight…
I have the latest version installed…
Settings 3840x1200 on a Ultrawide monitor
RTX 2070 , 32GIG Ram, I9-9900
Ultra setttings

Flight originates from Yeager {CRW} airport in Charleston WV …