Floating lights

They’re also visible close to KBCE (Bryce National Park).

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Its missing lightpoles in the cities, the lights is just lights floating in the air. maybe this is under construction? the same with antennas on mountains, no antenna just a light hovering in the air.

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Yep, I have the same visual bug in a lot of places. One of those things that will get patched eventually

yep same, hovering lights. Strange obsession with overly bright strings of red lights that don’t move and aren’t attached to anything.

Hi @Eddrik84, @VisedMedusa3177, @SuperDoooodYa,
I merged an old floating lights topic from August from the Community section into a post in the Bugs section on floating lights. Are you still seeing them? If so, where? I am trying to track places where they are known to exist. Thanks!

We’ve seen a lot of updates, but the painfully obvious elephant in the room, even to a legally blind FS fan, like me, has to be the UFO lights, floating over streets, roads, and highways. As if flying cars, going over bridges, and aircraft floating at jet bridges weren’t bad enough. LOL




Its a generally bug i have it in Lowi


Yep me too

Same here.
First noticed when they issued the halloween challenge and first thought this was on purpose :slight_smile:

Absolutely yes! I agree it’s an elephant running around almost unnoticed…
it ruins a lot of evening and night sceneries that would be beautiful without this issue. I have this on many many areas so it’s useless to give a list of where happens, but if necessary I would do so.
It’s a pity because when I see an awesome night or dusk scenery and I’m enjoying it, then I lower my altitude and I begin to see some lights moving abnormally to the ground, and then I realize they are floating over the terrain, maybe 100 fts or more, even much more (not street lights definitively), and suddendly all the realism vanishes…
I also see totally unrealistic big red dots in the distance at night on many sceneries, then approaching to them they disappear… can’t understand what they are supposed to be.
I’ve installed the last update yesterday, 1,4 GB but only very minor fixes for me.

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The red lights should be obstacles like antennas, but unfortunately the antennas themselves are not visible, at least for the moment… I hope they are likely to use them in the future, such as churches, mosques etc. as it looks they will come

above my child garden next house where i lived first years of my life, red light, there no any obstacles in the real

It’s everywhere and it is a bit of a joke. I just turn it into a game and go Pacman on them, trying to fly a path through them that gobbles then up.

St Bart’s is a perfect example of strings of these Christmas Baubles.

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The developers are very aware of this “bug”, and they have discussed why it’s there and that they’re working on fixes for it and other related issues in the developers Q&A’s. I think specifically in the early September issue they addressed it and what they’re doing to fix it. Some of it is related to distance resolution issues and how the lights are handled for differnet distances. And that the calculating of distances can be messed up.

the problem was only introduced with the first patch before the problem did not exist

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The first time I noticed the UFO’s, I was taking off at Big Bear in California, and I could swear I saw it before and after the first patch Basically floating lights above the mountains all around the airport. But I maybe I’m wrong. Either way, the developers are at least somewhat aware of the problem. If you’re going to submit a bug, please include full detail and pictures of it.

I have already submitted tickets and have always been labeled as solved
zendesk may have worked in alpha but at the moment with so many bugs it’s like lottery whether Asobo gets the ticket

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This is EXACTLY what I am seeing as well … Both masses of Light balls floating around, and the ground lighting far to bright.

Where are you seeing them?

Where are you in that video? It’s not your graphics settings. It’s scenery glitches, and I’m trying to track all of them.

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