Floatplanes support

I’d love a float 172 along with a Cessna 206

they’re adding float and ski variants to “all” the default light/bush planes in SU5, so probably a C172 on floats/amphib.

I’ve love to see Carenado revive their old U206 amphib…

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And Lake Hood PALH should be back in SU5. But for what i have seen, only the 3 waterlane, i don’t know for the gravel runway and the entire airport.
So waiting for confirmation, i have started to create this airport in case the default one will be too “basic”.
i will stop if it is good enough.(mine is a work in progress and probably for months)

Hello here, a feedback has been logged for these extra features!


The MSFS will NEVER be as good as yours — so Please do not stop developing yours.

BTW: Yours will surely HOLD THE RECORD for the most Real World number of parking spaces … that i itself is reason to continue !!

Just keep those airport vehicles out of the water !!! (inside joke)

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i’m not so far from finishing what i wanted for a first release (everything but all with objects from default libraries).
Just a few commercial areas to finish, redo the elevation data because i had seen some elevation issues on the coast (not because of me but already on default MSFS sceney, i will fix this).
After that and a first release on flightsim.to, i will learn how to make custom building to enhanced it.
1056 parking spot (643 tie down and 413 dock for floatplane) :joy:

nb: (vehicules stay now on the ground but i was forced to delete links between water and ground taxi networks (the other solution is to put vehicule traffic to 0 !)

I would also add the following:

  • too much thrust is currently required to move through the water (many piston floatplanes start moving slowly when they fire up)
  • varying degrees of wave pitch and roll depending on size of aircraft (e.g. a Caravan or Twin Otter tend to plow through small waves relatively undisturbed by them)
  • collision modelling for docks and bumpers (so the plane doesn’t weathercock and its float protrudes into the dock)
  • wind-dependent water handling
  • application of parking brake when on water causes a ground crewman to tie the plane up to a cleat and pull it in

Very nice and needed! So badly needed, however i dont see lake spenard and ALL the parking around it and most of the traffic taxis to and takes off from the East shore there due to prevailing winds.
Thank you for what you are doing here!
Kind regards

The two lakes were joined by a man made canal in the 40s

Hi, after SU9 It seems water taxing is still in need of fixing. Tried default c172 :frowning:

Again, seriously of ALL the things that bug the hell out of me in this sim, it is the water mechanics. Absolutely horrendous. This game CAME with floatplanes, who decided to treat water like an asphalt runway??? Come on now, get this fixed.

there’s a big list of seaplane improvements that’s being added to the backlog - maybe we’ll start seeing stuff in SU11


Would be really nice! Can’t wait to try out seaplanes in the bush with a decent level of realism. Right now it’s just too unrealistic to even try. Hope water physics and seaplane dynamics get a major overhaul soon.

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Hi, may I ask where is the list of seaplane improvements added to the backlog? I don’t see it in the list here: July 21st, 2022 - Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community

I was told that Seb reviewed the list and was adding it to their internal to-do list, but not to expect anything until after SU10


Oh, ok. I guess it hasn’t officially appeared on the list that they send out every Thursday when they do the weekly update.

yeah, just as long as it’s on their radar, I’m fine with it…

I assume they’ll be busy with SU10 and the big update in November… as long as it gets addressed and not forgotten about. There’s getting to be a lot of floatplanes in game now - and they’re nowhere as cool or as fun as they are IRL :wink:

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Great idea from OP that would be awesome to have more float plane linked features

I was just reading through this and realized it was created over 2 years ago and still nothing. Nice

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Apparently, the devs are still learning and trying to figure out ground physics to make aircraft behave even remotely realistically on the ground. Hopefully, float planes will receive the love and attention they deserve sometime in the near future.

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