Floatplanes support

I would love to see fleshed out support for floatplanes - we have an entire planet’s worth of lakes, coasts and fjords to explore but currently aircraft interaction with water is still quite basic.

  • Wind effect on aircraft when on the water, such as drifting.
  • A ‘Parking Brake’ anchor system
  • Being able to beach and then push off with a keystroke.
  • Allow for landing gear to be deployed when floating to use ramps to get out/in to the water
  • Simulate the step and step taxiing
  • Wakes and splashes with windscreen effects

I second this. You’re items are spot on.


Yes, I too second this request I miss the bush float planes of FSX.


I would also like this. Upvoted

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Welcome and yes. Up-voted.

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I totally agree. Upvoted.

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me too, would like this

Yes - all basic stuff that was part of FSX. Great list; thank you. I don’t know what the excuses could be for not including these features that were already coded in a previous 10-year old product from Microsoft.

MSFS is great in a lot of ways, but lots of basic features of the simulation are painfully absent… more than a little disappointing for me. The Icon A5 is a sad substitute for a real sea plane with full avionics, etc., IMHO.

And, why is the “store” basically empty? Haven’t 3rd-party developers been give what they need to make add-ones available by now? There is no feasting there, in the store, it’s all famine (for me anyway). Hope that changes soon.

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I never thought about such options, but now I want them !!! Sounds so cool !!!

Yes, please! Float/amphib option for Savage Cub etc. \o/ :small_airplane:

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Yes, a Cessna 208b Caravan Amphibian based on the default C208b grand caravan e.g, would be nice.


I’m in for floats

Absolutely. The water is perfect for not only floats, but eventually boats. The only thing really missing (other than the floats and the boats) are the wakes and bow waves. If they get this put in later, this will be a KILLER sim!

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One of the very first things I wished for. That and an ultralite aircraft.

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Would love to fly the DHC-2 Beaver.


DHC-2 Beaver for sure! And Aerosoft is working on a new DHC-6 Twin Otter too! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Living next to thousands of lakes, this would be awesome :slight_smile:

Bush flying without a float or amphibian option just isn’t right. So this gets my vote big time!

I live on the west coast of Canada, so much of my local flying is with floats.

The Icon is cute but doesn’t really cut it I’m afraid.


Also it seems that sealane are missing…

here in Alaska 1 out of 4 adults have their pilots license and in the summers 80% of GA traffic ( and there is a LOT of it ) are float planes or amphibians. 400 to 500 flights a day out of Anchorages Lake Spenard/ Lake Hood alone, which is the largest float plane base in the world. Everyone switches to floats in the summer!
Many Cessna 180s 185s Pipers of all types. Beavers and Otters being the commercial plane of choice. You can sit in your car anywhere around this lake sys and watch 4 or 5 Beavers take off any given hour 24 hours a day in the summer. With sunset at 11 pM and honestly its a continuous sunset/sunrise for 5 hours. Oh i got side tracked…lol Lets see some float planes and yes Lake hood needs some attn as it is an attraction and is poorly rendered!