Florida Keys Color

Has anyone else noticed the Florida Keys are wonky looking, especially the colors? Does this look right to anybody? I’ve been to the Keys and I don’t remember the water being milk color…


The keys look bad in general and stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the states.

For such a small area (that stands out), i am surprised that Asobo did not focus on it more.

Even 3rd party Devs like Orbx seemingly skipped over the flat desolate area of Dredgers Key at the far West.

Check out the Amazon river which is mainly a muddy brown but is way too blue. I’ve been there before and the muddy water, which is actually brown, stays brown almost 50 miles out into the ocean from the mouth. All crystal blue in Bing world.

I don’t remember the waters around the keys looking that way in MSFS but I haven’t flown down that way in a while. I’ll have to check it out and post back.

Idk how your colors look like that. This is how my colors look over the Keys

It’s affected by cloud cover. If you put clear sky’s in the middle of the day it would look more blue.

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The sim seems to key the rendered sea colour off the ortho textures below even if it’s completely hidden. It blends depending on angle so only shows though if you look down or fly low enough.

f you look on bing maps (this goes for Gmaps as well) you’ll find the ortho quality offshore is usually horrible with reflections, odd colour shifts and clouds abound. That’s what causes the odd purple or white sea colours in these areas.

This is why they are so cagey about water masking to reveal the ortho below.

There really isn’t much Asobo can do about it aside from find better ortho textures or turn off the blending function (which would make the seas look very homogenous). A while ago they were talking about integrating bathymetry data to potentially help colour the seas realistically without relying on flakey offshore ortho maps. I’m sure it’s being worked on but no idea about how high priority it is.

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I double-checked, flying from Miami Executive (Tamiami) all the way to Key West and the water looked fine. I did the flight in real time, which was late afternoon, arriving at sunset. I only wish there was correct water masking to really make the flight shine.

Flight Simulator loads different textures at different altitudes. Up high it loads a decent looking set like these:

Down low over the same area, however, it loads this:

Flight Simulator just loads whatever is on Bing Maps, and in areas without custom watermasking, it blurs the aerial water imagery and puts it on top of an opaque water surface. So you can wind up with a big sea of milk like the OP showed.

And if the imagery is really bad sometimes you get purple water, or even bright red:

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Somewhere in that last shot is a hidden Slayer song… “Seas of blood. Drown your life. Watch and fly as it turns water violent red!” :joy:

Shot is from the Red Sea, so maybe it actually is that color, or maybe some Old Testament plague is underway lol

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thank for this, just wanted to confirm other people are seeing what I’m seeing to make sure it wasn’t a problem on my end. Sea of Milk it is…

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