Flow parallel 42 panel has disappeared

Have had flow panel installed and working fine, have it binded to my tab key on my keyboard, but now it has dissapeared and won’t appear when using the tab key, i had changed the assigned key to my mouse right button and it worked fine but didnt like it there so i returned it back to the tab key, it then stopped working, have checked that no other assigned actions are linked to the tab key, i have even uninstalled the programme and reinstalled it but no luck…can someone point me in the right course of action to get it working again as i can’t get the old tool bar to show either. Am on Xbox X and downloaded it of the market place when it first came out.

An update… it seems its aircraft related, probable due to control assigned error of some sort in the preset manager
Have changed aircraft and now all is well.
Will delete the profile for the aicraft that has given me the error and rebuild with the profile that works and change some of the settings to suite
I hope this will help anyone that has the same problems

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what was the aircraft you were having trouble with it? just so i can also check this

Sorry i haven’t replied lately
Latest on my Flow panel issue the problem is still there but only when i save flights.
When loading them back the panel is not available, as soon as i start fresh without using a saved flight all is well, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference what aircraft i use. So at present i can’t carry on where i left off by saving flt files…flight plans files seem ok its when you save the whole flight… ive looked on forum’s and have not seen it mentioned, so i assume its something im doing?

The Diamond DA62. My flow’s been gone for 2 weeks now. For $30 we deserve better.