Flow Pro for MSFS by Parallel 42 | Available Now

Parallel 42 has just released Flow for MSFS!

Check out my in-depth overview of the new tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator :point_right: Flow Pro for MSFS by Parallel 42 | AVAILABLE NOW - YouTube

Flow by //42 brings an intuitive and easy-to-navigate in-game interaction wheel into Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bring up the wheel with any assignable key or button to access default & custom panels from an on-screen overlay. With its modern approach to a menu system, Flow offers a unique and customizable experience for each user or aircraft.

GET Flow via Orbx for FREE: //42 Flow - Orbx

BUY Flow Essentials via Orbx for $14.99: //42 Flow Essentials - Orbx

BUY Flow Pro via Orbx for $24.99: //42 Flow Pro - Orbx


The scripting documentation for the Pro Version can be found here:
Home · parallel42/flow-documentation Wiki · GitHub


Make sure to unbind the default PAUSE function from the P key. If not, you’ll pause the sim every time you type “p” in Otto Search Bar. You’ll also want to review any other key bindings that might interfere with your sim experience. One way of doing this is by adding a second key. For example, Ctrl+P for Pause.

Looks promising. I wonder if the game updates will break this. Ya know how they like to change things and not tell us they changed stuff.


Can you take a Flow wheel and drag it or open it, or keep it open in a second monitor? Seems odd to have all that clutter, even momentarily, in the flight-active screen.


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Did you watch the video? Seems like you haven’t.

//42 is aware of changes (as far as they can) and react accordingly.

Hi, if your response about watching the video was for me, I did watch what I could, but saw no examples of Flow being used in a second monitor. Would love a “yes” or “no”, as to whether second monitor use is possible–in the spirit of your video to help people understand this utility’s pros and cons. Thanks!

Right now Flow is exclusive to the main simulation window and cannot be used on a separate monitor.

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Content creation apps such as Blender have been using pie menus (circular) for a while and once you build some muscle memory for them they work quite well. The real advantage that they have over a traditional menu is that they minimize the amount of mouse movement needed to make a selection. Moving the menu to a second monitor defeats that purpose. You only pull the menu up when you need to make a selection so clutter is not really an issue.


Thanks, that makes a lot of sense! I’ll try this tool out.