Fly across the USA 🇺🇸

I was wondering if anyone had already flown across the USA either in legs or one flight. What was your flight path? I started from my home airport KSMX in the CJ4 and flew to Phoenix. Today I’m going from Phoenix to Albuquerque. Real(broken) weather and time.

Is there maybe a discord or interest in doing something like this as a group?

I am currently doing an Americas coastal tour. Here is where I am now.

From Airport Name Distance
KMLB Melbourne, Florida, United States
KJZI Charleston, South Carolina, United States 319
KRIC Richmond, Virginia, United States 364
DE21 Roxana, Delaware, USA 137
KPVC Provincetown, Massachussett, USA 311
KRKD Rockland, Maine, USA 129
CYYG Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada 287
CTU5 La Tabatière, Québec, Canada. 319
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Epic!!! I’m finding out these airports have bushes and trees on taxiways and huge drop offs while taxiing! It’s kinda taxi at your own risk until someone steps in and fixes. Still once you get up it’s fine and having the co-pilot taxi makes it easy to make sure you’re going where you need to at larger airports. Love the CJ4. Gotta learn the FMS though.

I love the CJ4 I am doing another with it though. For this coastal tour I am using the Bonanza G36. Low and slow to catch the scenery.

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Been doing one myself and livestreaming on Facebook. I am flying the Cessna 172. Started in Denver and have made it to Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina. I will be continuing the flight tomorrow from there to Wilimington NC then will be running back across I40 to California. I will be doing this over and over till I cover each interstate across the US. My Facebook Page is as follows.

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Yes this real world pilot is doing it now , here is a link to his older video

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You’ve got more patience than me. Jumping in the CJ4 and getting up to 30k goes by a lot faster. Haha.