Fly around Cyprus with me

Hi all, hey anyone here in sunny Cyprus want to have a fly around together ???

Hi there.

Saw you flying around HUEN (Entebbe) Nice aircraft collection. :slight_smile:

Hi mate,
Yep that’s me, had fun flying with u mate thnx, hey u got some nice moves in the spit, not found anyone to have some fun with till u showed up :wink: I been flying with TwoToneMurphy live but as I’m in Cyprus the time difference is 2hrs and he talks for 45mins before we take off so I only give to fly the first leg then I have to sleep for work in the morning;(
Hey how do u get to see my aircraft collection ???
Hope to catch u in the clouds again, take care.

Well…when I spotted you first you were flying the MB339 and then you switched to the Flying Iron Spit - both of which are awesome rides and a “good collection”

With a couple of nice planes like that I’m guessing you might have at least a couple more?

I am in Sweden so I’ll keep an eye out for you. My flying times are a little random though as I work away from home a fair amount.

I have been using the OnAir airline manager app. It’s pretty good. Turns out your stumbled upon my African Bush pilot airport while I was testing some different aircraft. :slight_smile:

HI mate,
Hi from Cyprus to Sweden, hey all work and no play is not good for ur health :wink:
OK so now I know ur secret testing location :wink:
Yeah I had some fun trying to keep up with u.
So mate what u got in ur hanger then ??? I bet u got a nice list of aircraft going on.
Here is my list:
flyingiron-spitfire - as u know :wink: - i just luv the old spit dont u…
WYMF5 Carenado
MB-339 - as u know :wink:

Maybe tonight I will get the GeeBee R3 and give it a blast :wink: hey have u tried the orbx-brisbane-riverrun it’s hell of a challenge I done it in the Extra but i need a plane with a bit more acrobatic movement and speed that’s why i want to try the GeeBee R3 :wink:
Watch ur 6.

That’s indeed a nice hangar. I suspected as much.

So…in mine. Oops! Bloody loads. It seems I have spent all the beer money I saved from not going to bars during covid on this bloody game!

Also, not being a Civil aviation purist (I found my way to MSFS2020 from a background with IL-2 and DCS) it seems I have not fully embraced civil aviation and accidentally filled my hangar with warplanes.
It’s an addiction I’m working on. I’ll buy some civ planes one day…honest.

So…let’s see if I can remember them all…(in no particular order)

T-45 Goshawk
Bredock Eurofighter Typhoon.
Sim Skunkworks Fiat G.91
Mviz Corsair
Flying Iron Sprifire Mk.IX
Airplane Heaven Spitfire Mk.1a
Big Radials P40
DC Designs Steerman
DC Designs F-15
DC Designs F-14
Roland Laborie F8


MiG-15 (I like it, it’s fun)
GotGravel Vertigo. (Supercharged VL3! Awesome!)
GotGravel Savage.
Community VL3 Rotax 915
HPG Airbus H135 (not got the hang of helo’s yet)

Community ATR72-600
Canadian mods CRJ-700 (I’ll get the Aerosoft one at some point.)

Mostly flying Bonanza G36 and Da62 on East African Bush trips at present.

WOW that’s an impressively nice amount of aircraft and a very good choice sir :wink:
Ok so i got a lot to catch up on, shame i didn’t save my beer money too.

Ohhhhhhhh the Vertigo… Well yep I love it too and it sure does kick some ■■■ and a real nice looking craft too.

I was thinking about getting the T-45 Goshawk but I want to try out the GeeBee first, might go buy it tonight and let u know all about it :wink:

Hey IL-2 was wicked and still is, tried to get into DCS but lost interest, I still have and still fly Rise of Flight and really enjoy it too :wink:

So I see u got both version of the spitfire so what one would u say is the better (flying Iron or Airplane Heaven) in terms of flight model, 3d modeling and texturing.

Waiting for Top Gun add-on now that should be AWESOME…

Ok mate that’s about it for now… I’m off for a quick fly in the Mb-339 over sunny Cyprus, take care n nice chatting with ya.

Of the two the Flying Iron Spit is the better one.
Both are a bit on rails compared to the DCS and IL-2 spitfire behaviour but the AH Mk.1a is on really solid rails.

It’s nicely modelled and has some nice touches but it also has a few rough edges. The Mk.1 is the real Battle of Britain deal so it had to be collected but I think I prefer the Flying Iron.

The T45 Goshawk is good. That Dev IndiaFoxTecho has some real talent but this is a less acrobatic plane than the Mb-339

I never flew Rise of Flight. Completely passed under my radar but I did love Red Baron 3D back in the day and a flying friend of mine suggested I should try it and also try Flanders Fields…so I have to find some time from somewhere :wink:

Catch you in the skies some time. I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

Hi mate,
Hey Red Baron 3D was a lot of fun :wink:
Ok so now I’m happy that i got the Flying Iron Spit :wink:
I have been watching some YouTube vids on DCS and my god the detail on all the aircraft is sooooooo real, ok the world scenery is nothing like MSFS but the GFX detail inside and out on the craft is WOW factor 12/10 :wink: I was looking at the F16 Falcon and F14 in combat and I have to say that I love the action :wink: might have to go give it a try.

Ok mate so i gotta ask: What system have u got…
Mine goes like this - out of date stuff but still doing good :wink:
AMD Ryzen 5 1600x six cores and 12 threads 3.33 GHz
Corsair 3600 MHz 32gig Ram (2 sticks)
AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 ROG strix 8gig (on MSFS I’m getting 48 to 53fps at 2K res with settings on high and some on ultra)
MSI B350 tomahawk M/Board.
Toshiba 40" 4K screen.
Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB (MSFS installed here) - (very fast) - (sequential read 4199MB/s - sequential write 3426 MB/s)
Kingston SSD 500Gb (not so fast) system drive.
Western Digital RED NAS 2Tb Hdd just my 3D objects and design stuff + backup ■■■■ :wink:
Corsair Saber RGB gaming mouse.
Genesis Thor 400 mechanical RGB keyboard.
Thrustmaster T16000 FCS flight pack (stick + throttle + rudder pedal)
JBL quantum one Pro gaming headset (GOD the sound quality is amazing)

I’m very sure that your system spec will kick my ■■■.
Ok mate that’s it for now, take care and hope to catch on-line one day and we can have a dogfight in the spit :wink:
C ya,

Oh shoot, i missed :smiley:

Lived in Famagusta for 5 years. Probably i could not join since i am in US big time difference.

Hi AykiOz,
Hey no worries I’m sure we will all meet up in the sky one day :wink:
Famagusta North side ?? I’m in Pernera South side but the misses and me go over the North twice a month, very nice over there.

Hey somethingbrite & AykiOz
Ok I finally got the Gee Bee :wink: she is wicked flies like a dream u can chuck it around the sky with out even thinking about it :wink: I done the Brisbane river run, the Gee Bee makes it soooooo much fun n easy too :wink: if ya get time pls take a look at my second attempt in Gee bee :wink:

Gee Bee r3 Brisbane River Run MSFS 2020 - By LightWorkz3D - YouTube

Fly safe n stay safe :wink: C ya…

Cyprus is nice. I got both Pafos(freeware) and Larnaca(payware) upgrade airports💖

Hi. I live in Famagusta, too… Maybe, we can fly together one day…

Hi RCCosplay & Hakanpo,
Would luv to have a fly around together one day :wink:
Yep I also got the free Pafos and the pay Larnaca both are very nice 3D models…
So i think we should fix an evening to have some fun in the clouds :wink: what u think about it ???

Why not… In fact, my last online flight was 15 years ago… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

HI mate,
OMG 15yrs ago… what u been doing ???
Yep we will have to book a day n time :wink:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: So many things to write here… I am busy nowadays… let’s do it as soon as available​:+1::+1: