Fly the Maddog MD-80 under development for MSFS!

It’s quite the beast to learn, Stefano has been quiet on the subject.

Yea it was but worth the challenge. I hope he’s doing ok with it. Be nice to see some development updates.

This is one hell of a Plane to fly, the power, the sound, the Reverse thrust push back…OMG Please be amazing, please be good. Will it have an FMC?

Original announcement topic disappeared. Anyone knows anything about it? Can’t find any other info about the project…

It seems to me their entire forums is unavailable, so it’s probably something else.

The screens they showed look absolutely gorgeous I must say, even in P3D

Forum is back alive but the topic still is not reachable. I still cross fingers for it…but…

probably because you have to register and log in.

Fantastic! If there is anything out there which is even better more detailled more complex than PMDG Carenado and Captain Sim - it`s the Maddog.

Hadn’t that post entailed that they only converted the model but not even started on systems? This one sounds like a sleeping beauty and may never come out or take years. The removal of forum posts would make me very cautious.

lol, better get your facts straight, carenado is simple aircraft, captain sim is so so.
onl;y pdmg you mention is topnotch, but that at a heavy pricetag.

Some news from Leonardo: Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition 2.0b801 hotfix release! (P3D v4.4 - v4.5 - v5.0 - v5.1 - v5.2) - News and updates - Fly the Maddog X Support & Community Forums


Long way to go but hopefully we will see MD one day

Topnotch at the most over priced rehashed code ever made, i know plenty better then that ■■■■.
if you had 737 747 md11 from fs2004 then the same ■■■■ was ported over to fsx and any other sim that’s been made, and msfs 2020 is next.