Fly the Maddog MD-80 under development for MSFS!

Great news, this is one of the most detailed aircraft addons ever!

Unfortunately the announcement comes with the same “SDK not ready yet”, so we will have to be patient.


Here, some screenshots released!


Yeah, great! The Maddog is quite the only (jet)airliner I care about in sim, so yes, this gets me excited :star_struck:

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Before please I see

Oh my God! I’m so excited. This is definitely good news.

Does anyone have insight into what is lacking in the SDK?

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A lot! Most sections in it just say “TODO”. And that’s just the documentation.

There goes budget, sounds like there’ll be a whole new gen of hardware before our beloveds arrive.

Some fairly important ‘titles’ there which are just that - titles, nothing more.

Take my money…

Will it be free

Aerodynamics? Who needs that for flight? You have to be patient in this hobby. But I highly look forward to some quality a/c. Scenery candy is great but not enough.


How for FSX many free planes by developper’s!Thank

nice, i loved the rotate md80 for xplane. Lets see how this one develops

Lovely news indeed. Will take at least a year before the launch.

English, please.

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Excellent! I beta tested the mad dog for a developer several yrs ago as well as most of the updates…I love that ac! So much so I have several instrument parts from a real one :sweat_smile: Well, tbh, I have parts from many different ac but the mad dog is my favorite right next to the 738.

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WOW now time to spend some money for a great dev and plane.

Any update on this one?

This will be a must buy for me as long as it runs good in VR.