Fly the Maddog MD-80 under development for MSFS!

It’s more obsolete in the context of MSFS.

You have study level planes starting at 20$ now (247D), access to PMDG for 35$, etc.

In fact, the dev seems to be stuck into another era:

  • pricing from the old days, when the market was far smaller (high prices, low sales volume)
  • simmarket (the website directly from the 90") exclusive
  • snub influencers (twitcher / youtuber, even Fabio didn’t get a response from them to be able to show the plane)

Personally, I’m interested by the plane for a very long time, but I will not buy it since it’s the most expensive plane and it’s not the best in town, and that at this price I will also have to use an obsolete way to release addons (I prefer using some modern platforms like the marketplace, Orbx or Contrail).

And according to the (small) number of Maddog we can see ingame, it seems I’m not the only one thinking this way.

In fact, even in my VA (and we buy almost all new releases), we were many to be interested, and… no one bought it in the end.


‘stuck in another era’ is the perfect way to describe the developer.