Flybywire a32nx error id help

ive installed the flybywire A32NX but when i try and login to the ipad in the aircraft on settings ATSU / AOC then created a hoppie user id which was emailed to me when i enter it then try and import flight plan i get error unknown user id . ive even tried< pilot id> nothing works still get error has any one found a fix for this and aircraft is up to date in flybywire thanks

The installer has a link to their discourse, you may get a quicker response there.

Flight plans are imported from simbrief. Do you have a simbrief account? I’ve never understood hoppie so please forgive if I’m way off. FBW has extensive documentation on their website. Also, be sure to download and use the FBW downloader.

Hoppie is for text based clearances (usually via VATSIM) and other text messages. It has indeed as you mentioned nothing to do with flight plans.

For flightplans you need a simbrief (= NaviGraph) account and a valid navigraph subscription if you want to have up-to-date airacs.

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