FlyByWire advancing very nicely

This is not really a post about a issue or any of that sort but more of a applause to the FBW team. The A32NX has come a really long way from all the big improvements they have done to the small thing they have implemented.

One of the recent implementations they have put it in that have caught my eye and make the aircraft for passenger flights feel more realistic is the inclusion on the announcements. From the boarding process to the engine startup up until takeoff and coming in for a landing, each announcement is done at the correct time. It is these small things that make the aircraft much more worthwhile to fly and makes it much more immersive.

Can not wait for the future updates such as a fully functional VNAV system and more accurate performance calculations and such. Such as bright future up ahead for the A32NX!


Agreed. It’s amazing what the team have achieved.


The best aircraft in MSFS in my opinion. Well done to the FBW team.


An immersion paradise. They’re also going to be adding airline-specific announcements in the future.

I’m honestly even skeptical (hope i’m wrong) that PMDG 737 or Fenix A320 will be as immersive.

While at it: Anyone noticing the aircraft banking more than usual to the right during takeoff? Wasn’t the case a month ago, even after they introduced the tiller function. It’s been happening after the recent Dev patches.


Agree, it’s hard to stay on the runway at takeoff…!

Have not experienced that in all honesty, I am running the development version as well.

The inclusion of airline specific announcements will be amazing. Zibo mod on X-Plane does it so well for its different airlines that it has available.They even have airline specific safety videos that play as the aircraft taxis. It would be awesome to see FBW do that as well!

I think in all honesty that if PMDG OR Fenix Simulations make the aircraft just like the PreparD3 of FSX versions that contains all of the feature that a fully-fledged study level airliner should have minus weather and terrain data of course because of that being a missing feature that Asobo have yet to open up to the devs, I would be okay without announcement. Given that would be a plus to have on the 737 or upcoming A320 from Fenix like the A32NX or such as the Zibo mod for X-Plane. Perhaps someone can create a mod for it or somehow.

Only announcement i disagree with is the flight attends take seats before takeoff. I press it like 2min before takeoff, but it will only announce it while turning on the runway


Yes since some updates. Using experimental. During taxi I am able to center it but during take off it is very hard up to impossible.

You’re in luck!


Ahhh that amazing, can’t wait to try it out today! I will see how it performs. Thanks for the heads up!