FlyByWire mods will be addressed by Asobo in the future?

IMO, the implementation of the Garmin is more of an indictment on Microsoft’s decision to release the software early, rather than on Garmin. If we get 2 or 3 years into this and nothing changes with the Garmin, or if it gets worse, that would (more than likely) be an indictment on the developer. I mean come on, at least match your competitor’s default plane with the G1000…right?

But in saying all that, in no way shape or form does a video game, or the way the game implements licensed products, shape my thinking on what products to buy.

If product implementation in this this software does influence your decision making that strongly, then logic dictates you should never buy a ticket to fly on an a320 or Dreamliner.

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I have bought the Carenado Mooney, and it uses the Default GNS530…

The rest of my earlier reply still stands.

Why would Boeing, Microsoft etc wish to release private legal agreements to flight simmers. Simple rule of law regarding privity of contract prevents this. Not criticising you I hasten to add

That was my point, we’re not likely to know (nor would I want to), what the licencing agreements between Microsoft and other orgs, and with that lack of knowledge we can hypothesise what obligations Microsoft has, but we can’t state it outright :slight_smile:

Yes I totally agree with you.

All that Boeing, Garmin have provided to Microsoft is a licensing agreement to use their brand in a Microsoft product

I hope you are then using the GNS530 MOD by @ScorpionFilm422 :slight_smile:
At least that will be on part of the Carenardo plane that will then work correctly !!!

I hate to be, “that guy”, AGAIN, but, Asobo and MS have there hands full trying to get a solid simulation platform built that will allow this title to flourish. I find it disturbing that a 3rd party mod is even listed on the feedback. FlyByWire should not appear on the Snapshot any more than ORBX or PMDG. I do not want Asobo wasting their time backtracking on the promise to let the 3rd party developers develop the more complex aircraft. FlyByWire has a great mod and they should be encouraged by Asobo/MS to keep up the good work, but that should be the extent of the involvement.

Let’s get the SIM up and running at its full potential. The hanger will fill up on its own.


I keep seeing this yet I can’t for the life of me see why Airbus would approve the one that came with the game but throw a fit at something going from “inop” to actually functional via the FBW mod…

If you are happy and satisfied with your Carenado Plane, and the default GNS530, then that’s great for you …

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I agree with N6722C – who I will refer to as Charlie . I bought the 182T in this sim, and it’s pretty and the doors open, but the flight model is no better than the tweaked C172. The GPS is nowhere near as functional as the default one with the mod. And since the 182T is payware, you can’t tweak the flight model or mod the GPS.

I think I flew it a few times after buying it, and tried it again a couple of times they updated it, but it’s basically been a hangar queen. I haven’t bought any more Carenado / Alabeo planes because my experience with them in X-Plane is the same. They’re pretty, but not as realistic as other vendor’s aircraft.

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