Flybywire simbrief weights aren’t importing

The flight plan loaded into the Aoc but the weights always stay at zero. Nothing I do can change them. Please help.

Strange. Made it one hour ago and it worked perfectly. Last DEV installed. :flushed:

For me it only works if I start cold and dark. There I can import payload and fuel from simbrief. But not if I start a short flight on a rwy. And often it is not possible to change the fuel because of the bug in the fuel page of the msfs. Cant insert numbers by hand and the bar is missing. Do not know if it is still bugs in msfs or fbw. Even the flypad cant add fuel on the rwy. That may be realistic but so start a short flight you always got 9500kg fuel on board. Annoying.

This could be a reason. I start cold and dark everytime.

Well that is their choice of realistically operating the plane. Once on the runway with engines running where should the tank truck come from?


Ok but I’m at the gate. The only thing powering the plane is the apu- or ground power. The fms won’t work on battery power alone.

Did you request the OFP or at the INIT page requested the init? Only then fueling and loading works, which would also be the correct order to program the MCDU. If that does not work your plane is not connected properly to your Simbrief account and you most likely did not enter your Simbrief user name.

Go see the beginners manuals at the Simbrief website and if you need support go to their official support channel- their discord server.

It definitely is not a bug.

Yes I hit the init page. When I hit request, the correct origin and destinations are there. I go over to aoc page and the fuel and everything has already been calculated to 0. And I can’t undo it.

I do not agree. You can align via a second, you can fuel up in one second, that is also not realistic. But you can choose to do it in real time or in just a second. A good choice. But it is annoying if you want to do a short fast flight at the rwy and you can not import payload and fuel as before. You have to delete or add fuel via the bar and that is annoying.

I am not sure what your problem is. It definitely works for me. All three options either fuel and load within a second via Simbrief into the MCDU or manually via the EFB or the MSFS UI.

Been doing it for months.

Go to the official FBW discord support for help.