Flying above the alps


For me unknown reasons i recently have troubles flying over the alps in the FWBA320 exp version.

Almost every time, with evening flights, around FL360 till FL380 my speed drops from 290 to like 200, i got heavy turbulence and then its all over the place. Speeds change and FL changes between 360 and 380 (assigned 370 vatsim). I don’t get the A.Floor message, but autopilot shuts off and i hardly can control the plane. Also pushing the throttle won’t work.

Mostly after a couple of minutes i can get control of the plane back, but IRL the passengers won’t be happy, if they won’t have to be scraped of the ceiling…

For me this only happens when crossing the alps, all other flights don’t have this problem

This is due to mountain turbulence, caused by the air rising and falling as it crosses that terrain, a fact that occurs in real life as well.
The issue has been posted on quite a few times in here.
It does seem to be a bit overdone in the sim though.

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The problem is, how do i stop it? Asking a vatsim controller for a lower altitude perhaps?

Strange thing is that it only happens on evening and night flights (live weather) and not during daytime

Pretty hard to stop.
Higher maybe. The lower you get to the mountain tops, the stronger it will be as its caused by air rushing up and down the sides of the mountains

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A bit overdone? Let’s just say that it is unlikely behavior. These phenomena, at these altitudes, occur rarely, not every time without exception.


Had a similar experience today when crossing the alps from Geneva (Swiss) to Lugano (Italy) in 10000 ft. Littlenavmap showed a stormy blowing wind with 70 kts . That is the sim behaved “correctly”.
bye, walter

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You can’t. It’s a sim, after all. It even happens to fighter jets. You can calm it a bit by gaining altitude, but with an airliner, you’re a bit limited.