Flying Around in Hurricane IAN

Just spent a couple hours flying my 737 around in Ian. Way cool. Amazing clouds, heavy rain (had to turn volume down :slight_smile: ), lightning, icing (showed up on wiper blades) and turbulence. Managed to find my way back to St. Petersburg, which was closed, and landed (we won’t talk about my landing).
Kudos to Asobo!

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Had the same with Fiona, so well done. Thanks Asobo.

André Vaillancourt

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Great pics!

Yeah, pretty impressive depiction of the weather. Flew around about 5000 ft. Winds in the single digits in the eye and saw gusts over 120 knots elsewhere. Winds and rain seemed to match pretty closely. Hard to tell, mostly I was trying to keep the plane under control-ish. I was getting thrown around pretty good.

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