Flying IFR into Bristol

How come when I fly IFR into Bristol the route sends me over the airport before giving me the approach onto ils runway 27 does my head in

You can fly visual if the weather permits?

The approach may require you to overfly the VOR or Navaid co-located at the airport. Check the Approach plate for confirmation.

Hmm, strange. Setting up to try the same flight and I don’t have an Arrivals of BRI1C ALL, I get BRIC 09 and BRIC 27. Based on current Live Weather I selected BRI1C 27).

I’ll see if it has me go around on straight into RWY 27. Left it open to an ILS or RNAV approach.

There are many airports that do that. I either modify the routing on the fmc or vector myself to final approach.


Annoying isn’t it

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ILS 27 at EGGD is a join overhead at 3000’, outbound 103 degrees while descending to 2500’, left turn at 8DME to intercept the localiser for the FAF at 5.8 DME.

Short answer…the sim ATC doesn’t give reliable radar vectoring, so you’re stuck with the full published procedure as per the chart. Do you have the chart?


No I don’t. Looking at flight radar 24 all flights head towards Bath then turn in and head towards runway 27 no planes seem to head over the actual airport first

There was a similar topic that cropped up for EGNT Newcastle recently.
The reason is as given, full procedures are flown in MSFS as oppose to radar vectors which is not really modelled in the sim.
You may be interested in what I wrote for the Newcastle 25 ILS (where there is also a link as to where to find all procedure charts in the UK) here:

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Thanks very much for this

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