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Hello everyone! Just sharing with you some pictures from the incredible Nordic nation that is Norway! I’ve flown here for nearly 80% of all my flying hours, and I don’t think there is a need for me to fly anywhere else! Since I am a new user on the forums, I can only post one picture at a time, but let me share one of my favourite photos so far:

Here is an area on the outskirts of Norway’s fourth largest city, Trondheim. I had just landed at the nearby airport on a flight from Molde, when I decided to utilise the drone to doing some exploring. Suffice to say, I was not at all disappointed.

The best tips I could give to someone who wants to fly in Norway or in a Nordic country is to be ready to use small planes to fly up close to the picturesque towns and geographical features this area has to offer. For Norway specifically, be ready to constantly adjust your plane as you traverse across the fjords, forests, and hills. I’ve nearly crashed many times either because I was not too careful or I was simply too engrossed by the scenery. Lastly, be prepared for some weather extremes. This is especially true in the Lapland area in Northern Finland and Sweden and the Western part of Norway. Winds could get strong and with the winter season nearing by, be prepared for some of heaviest snowfall you will ever see!

Hope this enrichens your flying experiences, and I’d love to see and hear about how your time was in our wonderful and humble region via messages or down below. Cheers for now!


Here is something nearer to Norway’s capital of Oslo. It is a body of water called Maridalsvannet. The wonderful thing about the Nordic countries is that nature is never far away, and in this case, the city centre of Oslo itself is but a mere 30 minutes away from this natural paradise.

I agree with you to some degree. I fly a fair amount in Norway as I live here. It’s fantastic with its mountains, fjords and rocky coastline. With the snow coverage turned up, it really looks realistic. But… there are so many other countries that are amazing. I find flying over other countries are more if an escape as they’re different to what I know. The world’s your lobster!


Not the complaining type at all but Denmark being a nordic country though with a geography much different to Sweden Norway and Finland have some scenery issues. The cities are mostly all right but the rural areas with farms, many barns are made like 2 or 3 storey apartment blocks(no not the tall building issue) and have been so from the outset, and many farm houses are multi storey mansions.
There are 60000 summer houses but they all look like ordinary villas.
Hope for a European update with more appropriate buildings like Japan update.
Perhaps I need to fly more in neighbouring countries.

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Trondheim - the best Gothic cathedral in the world.
Tromso - the best modern cathedral in the world.
Lofoten - the best islands in the world, and the best stockfish.
Norway - the best scenery in Europe.
Norwegians - the friendliest people in Europe,

Can’t disagree with the original poster!


How good are the textures and the DEM over Norway? I have heard various complaints that the game does a disservice to the beauty of the Nordic countries. I want to wait till we get a world update or a mesh update for this part of the world.

Regrettably not brilliant even from Google

Actually, the scenery is quite alright, as you can tell from the photos. It is possible that you will run into some small scenery issues like lakes forming their own hills, but this is really mostly due to the extremes in geography in Norway. I think it’s practically still worth seeing, especially the Nordland and Trøndelag areas as they are more hilly than mountainous, which would reduce the chances of you stumbling upon something that may not be so right. Still beautiful regardless!

I actually did a bit of a flight around Denmark yesterday. Really quite brilliant, with regards to the cities and towns, though I’d concur with your thought that some of the rural areas may need some slight improvements in that regard. Personally, I also did not know about the 60,000 summer houses, but that would be interesting to see too. Sweden has a figure somewhere near that as well!

For neighbouring countries, Norway, Sweden and Finland will not disappoint. The latter two offer forests and hills throughout the country with as much as 2/3s of the total land being completely green. Norway would be good for a geography that’s a little more extreme. Of course, because of the varied geographical situation of Norway, some areas are not properly rendered but I wouldn’t say it impacts the overall flying experience too much and I don’t usually give it much thought.

Iceland, I will say, is also to fly around. It also has a unique geography and topography, which I’d encourage you to see for yourself!

Already enjoyed it immensly in P3D with ORBX. Great places to fly to and an amazing landscape. Only some small Alaska-like ‘bush strips’ are missing.

Great country indeed, one of my favorites so far. I passed through Norway over a month ago. My flight path and favorite sights

Scroll up a little to see Oslo

There is so much to see in the world that it will be a while before I take a second look. I still have my own country (Canada) to explore when I finally get around this little globe. Getting to know one place really well is just as much fun as exploring a little bit of everything. Keep doing what you enjoy best!

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Agreed! Your adventures look extraordinary! Seeing you’re from Canada, you’re probably no stranger to awe-striking scenery as well.

If you ever have the time over the next few months, try flying in Northern Scandinavia during the winter season as it is its own unique experience. I’ll be happy to come and fly with you around some of my favourite places as well, and I’m sure that I’ll be needing an extra plane to serve as a spotter to prevent me from flying into a mountain in a blizzard!

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Check here to find elevation fixes for lakes all over Norway. Not 100% but so much better.