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I had my first “missed approach” last night flying into KJAX. I use Pilot2ATC with AIG Traffic Manager and as I was coming into final for RNAV RWY 8 P2ATC announced there was traffic on the runway and to fly the missed approach and then contact them on frequency xxx

The missed approach part is pretty straight forward, climb to 2,000 and and fly direct to YEJWO and hold.

It all worked out, but the part I wanted clarification on was, should I fly the missed approach, get into the holding pattern and then call ATC requesting the new approach? Or do I call them while enroute to the holding pattern?

I contacted them while en route requested the RNAV approach again to RWY 8 and they gave me the headings to fly but wasn’t sure if I should have waited to get into the hold first.



You can call them while flying to the MA holding point. The HP i think is used when the airspace is busy and they cant find any space for you for resequencing (as far as i know)


You can call anytime, once you have safely initiated the manoeuver and climbing away. It is also very common, especially at busier airports, that ATC will give you basic instructions immediately, which may be similar to the Missed Approach Procedure (MAP). Eg, “Turn left HDG180 stop climb altitude 2000ft”



Thanks so much folks, appreciate the feedback!

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You should confirm you are performing a missed approach to ATC as soon as feasible, ie go round thrust set and climbing safely away, with the correct gear and flap configuration. ie gear up, flap one. Be careful not to exceed flap speed. Fly the standard missed approach procedure unless given ATC instructions. It can be a busy time especially in bad weather.

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Like Viewingjam73620 said. Aviate, navigate and then communicate!

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