Flysimware C414 TDS GTN750Xi + Weather Radar

Hi Everyone,

As you know that the weather radar within TDS GTN750Xi is not compatible with MSFS at the moment. There’s a livery option for Flysimware C414 dedicated to different navigations (GNS530, PMS and TDS). With the cockpit layout of GNS530, there’s a weather radar placed next to the navigation display. I was wondering if that is also possible to place the very same weather radar next to TDS GTN750Xi ? There’s two GTN750Xi panels side by side. What I’m suggesting is maybe the one on the right hand side can be removed and replaced with the weather radar. This could be an optional livery along with what’s provided already.

Maybe some of you also think that’d be a good option, Flysimware developers might be helping us I hope.

It’s not that it’s not compatible, there is no weather radar implementation within the TDS GTNxi period. And the current weather radar is nothing more than a graphical representation of rain.