[FlyTampa] - EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

It’s unusable for me on x box black screen constant stutters

Do you requested a refund ?

I’ve flown in an out of EHAM numerous times now. Notice quite a lot of dual runway use. Not always great like having an aircraft takeoff on 18C while I’m landing on 27 & crossing paths. You can get some interesting ‘near misses’. Happy to se multiple runways in use though.

I noticed a similar behavior at EKCH while landing on Rwy 12, saw aircraft cross that runway for taking off from Rwy 22R

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it does, not ofter, but it does happen in real life though

They will only do that sequenced, and never simultaneously. Imagine a late go around…

Hi all,

Is there any way to change the ‘default’ parking position, which is the M (Freight) side of the airport.
Note: I don’t use liver weather and mostly land at Rwy 27.

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You mean after landing and requesting parking? I have no idea how that works with the default sim ATC. With something like GSX, you can request to park at any gate or ramp location you like. Or alternately, you can plan your flight in MSFS and include a final parking location - that should direct you to the spot you picked (but it’s been a couple years since I did that so maybe I misremember).

Thanks for your reply. I use GSX which directs me to more actual gates (E pear). But the default ATC always directs me to a spot at the M section (which is the cargo area).
I’ll try to create a flight including the final parking gate, I hadn’t thought about that. Hope it works :wink:

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