[FlyTampa] - EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Coming soon


Month later… how soon will this be? :slight_smile: We desperately need EHAM at better level in the sim?

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It’s the nr 1 on my list for a very long time. Not just the scenery though, but also for Asobo to fix the absolutely terrible AI Traffic on EHAM. FlyTampa makes great sceneries, but they can’t fix the traffic mess. That’s up to Asobo.

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They said the release was imminent. In my English understanding that means very soon. Any news on this?

FlyTampa replied then to a question of a Facebook user (at the time they posted this photo on April 27) that we should wait for 2 months.

So if everything is okay with their progress, I suppose the release time should be at end of June or somewhere in July.


Seeing is believing. More than a year ago they already called it on their FB: “Very close”.

I have a feeling it will be released during the flight sim expo this weekend starting tomorrow

This has become just like PMDG’s EFB. Waiting years for something that will never come.

EHAM has been in beta testing the last couple of months. I expect it to get released by the end of september, beginning of october at the latest. But what do I know. It’s close. I could be any year now :slight_smile:

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