[FlyTampa] - LGKR Corfu International Airport

FlyTampa - Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (LGKR)



that’s i am waiting for

The trailer is pretty awesome. They seemed to have modeled a decent area outside of the airport. Looks great

Ok. I’ve bought 5 airports in the MSFS marketplace’s summer sale and promised myself not to spend any money on any MSFS addon for a couple of weeks at least. And now FlyTampa releasing a new airport? Another broken promise :sweat_smile:

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The trailer is maybe the best flightsim addon trailer I’ve ever seen. I was laughing out loud when seeing that simmer with VR flying the approach :smiley:


Yep I thought that was a nice touch.

I bought it last night guys but its not showing when I load the sim up. Could anyone help at all ? I have re downloaded a few times/emptied community folder etc. I can see the two files in there for airport and island. Never had this before and all sceneries worked great.

I have the same issue with a flightsim.to addon for Photogrammetry “Enjoyitfly Riva Del Garda”!

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I managed to get the airport to show by deleting the scenery indexes which is good. But the island is still not there. I’ll keep trying.

I haven’t bought it yet but FlyTampa have their own forum. They will probably help you there.

No help so far. Posted there last night. I just added screen shots too. Its like i can see parts of the scenery and floating lights. Just nothing else. Bizarre. Will keep an eye out on their forums.

I hope you’ll get a fix. It sounds really weird. Maybe MSFS reinstall would help but I know it’s a big thing to do.

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Are you on SU10?

I would think FlyTampa guys have tested it with SU10 beta but that’s only a guess.

Tested, maybe, but not updated because SU10 is not official.

That’s why I put that “beta” behind.

Yeah sure, but you cant expect devs to fix issues on an unreleased build. So, it is expected to might not work with su10. Thats why i asked the guy having problems…

Hi Guys, Thank you for the help. I’ve not opted into the beta so still on the last official build. Its so strange, The airport bit looks stunning but i know how good the island should look as well.

Works fine on Beta 10.

@Aspectv5631 What you can try is only put the Flytampa scenery in Community (rename folder and move/copy to a new Community) folder and reload.

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Thank you for the help but tried this also. I think I’m out of ideas now but honestly I’m sure it will sort itself out. I know its there at least as I can see bits of it every now and then and i can see all the lights for where the objects should be.