[FlyTampa] - LGKR Corfu International Airport

Yeah CTD every time for me also on Xbox series x when attempt to taxi around airport. Also have SU10 installed.

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I’ve been testing all weekend - CTDs seem to be triggered by panning camera around and going in and out of aircraft. I also removed a static aircraft add on which seem to improve things. I think fundamentally these are memory related issues. SU10 improves things still a way to go and I hope 3rd parity developers can now submit updates the Market place to help XBox users and that Microsoft make these updates available in a timely fashion

Is that working without using the static Aircraft Addon?

It’s seems to be ok but obviously it struggles on the memory front it - it’s not CTD like it was

Is this airport ok to use on PC right now with the Fenix A320?

For those who care, this airport is now available for purchase on Orbx:

I just installed the scenery, but all the lightpoles seem to miss textures. Any solution to this?

Do you still crash on Corfu? I’m thinking of making the purchase

I never had any problems loading into Corfu or flying into it…

It looks like it depends on chosen aircraft:
C172 Skyhawk (G1000) - No crashes
DHC-2 Beaver - No crashes, but on second attempt displays had turned off during engine start procedure (AFAIK it indicates problem with memory)
Kodiak 100 - 1st attempt crashed, 2nd attempt displays off but I was able to take off
C414AW Chancellor - 1st attempt CTD, 2nd attempt CTD

Tested on XBOX, photogrammetry ON, rolling cache ON and set to 32GB

The Corfu issues are on XBox. It’s fine on PC.

Same for me, did you manage to fix it?