Focus Inverted [Rift S]


So I’ve just setup everything to enjoy my new VR headset in MSFS but unfortuanutly I’ve run into a problem that I can’t seem to fix and was wondering if anyone else has a similar issue?

When I load in, I go into VR mode and everything works perfectly EXCEPT everything is fuzzy. Like everything is blurry because it’s out of focus. If I take my headset off and see what I’m supposed to be seeing on the monitor it’s all okay on both Left and Right, everything is clear however when I put the headset on everythings fuzzy.

With the headset on, If I put my face right up to the joystick in the cockpit for example, I noticed that if I focus my eyes on what’s behind the joystick then the joystick will appear crystal clear but double vision and everything else blurry, whereas if I actually try to focus my eyes up close on the joystick it becomes blury. It’s literally as if the focus for everything is the opposite. If I focus my eyes as if I’m looking far when close to something it will become clear, when obviously it should be the opposite. Any suggestions?

My Setup:

RTX 2080ti
4k monitor
Oculus Rift S

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Having the same issue.

Me three, would be perfect otherwise

im not sure im having the same issue, but the focus is strange, I can lok at the interior of the plane fine but to read the flat panels I have to put my nose right up to them to read them. I have had this same issue with other sims as well. I was hoping for better on this one. I think its a riff thing. I have three rifts the original, and the s and the quest. the quest seems better less screen door effect, but the refresh is a bit slower, but im not using the link cable just a usb, so this may get better with the right cable. Rift S also to me the accelerometers are to touchy and need a bit of dampening causing a vibration on little movements.

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The vibrations you see is not a head tracking issue. It is MSFS. Try grabbing and pinning a desktop window from Oculus home and place it somewhere. When in cockpit you will see thst the cockpit jitters while the desktop windows are stable/follows perfectly.

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