Folders Community dont work for me

Hello, if I add airplanes or scenarios in the community folder the simulator and as if it does not see them and does not load them I think there is something wrong because I have put the developer mode and in help there is no possibility to download the SDK

Two things to check:

  1. Mod files are often zipped - and they contain two levels of folders, make sure the level of folder you copied into the Community Folder is at the correct level. For example: when unzipped has a folder called Working-Title-G1000, but inside that folder is a G1000mod folder. You want to copy the G1000mod folder to the Community folder, not the Working-Title-G1000.

  2. in C:\users\YourWindowsUserName\Roaming\MicrosoftFlightSimulator folder, there is a Usercfg.opt file. Open it using a text editor and check the last line of the file. That is the directory path of where your Community folder is. Some installations create one in the Roaming Profile path of the user, and then there’s one if you installed MSFS and told it to install the 100GB of packages to someplace other than your C drive. Install the correct mod folder to the correct Community folder.

Dev mode will not solve this problem. :slight_smile:

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So I have the same problem as the OP. For your number one, I’m sure I copied the the correct folder to the community folder. That part seems simialr to the way XPLANE works with addons.

For number two, I don’t have a MicorsoftFlightSimulator folder under my C:\users\YourWindowsUserName\Roaming.

Any other suggestions?

Look under local instead as that is where that file is for me.

My file path for the c drive files is C: users, myname, appdata, local, packages, Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe

As said above the add-ons should be unziped into the community folder along side the main game files.

Maybe get a pic of the community folder and we can see if anything is wrong.


Ok, Great thanks. With you your instructions, I found the correct community folder. See attached

. Package shows up and works there in this location.

However, I would prefer to not have extra packages on my C drive taken up space. If I edit the Usercfg.opt as @CasualClick mentions above to the path in a folder on my D:\Microsoft Flight Sim\Community and then move the packages to that location will this still work without causing any problems for the sim?

Thanks again for the quick response, I’ve been struggling with this for days.

Relax bross i loock in sim i dev mode i read the folder correct in file system and go! Iths magic community folder work for me!

I don’t know if that will work, the path in the UserCfg file is a pointer to ALL packages…that includes Official as well as Community. I believe you would have to copy both the Community folder and the Official folder to the new location then specify the root for those 2 folders.

For me it is D:\FS2020 In that folder are Community and Official. In Official there is the OneStore folder which contains the 190+GB of all of the official installation packages.

My UserCfg.opt points to D:\FS2020

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Yeah as above @AmmoDawg46190 that is the incorrect community folder currently.

my path to the correct community folder is the drive I installed it then MSflightsim then the next to folder are the community folder and official folder.

@DORRAGER @HeliBrewer,

Got it now, Thanks, I have it setup now where the install for the Community packages and Official Packages are all on the D: drive as attached

I appreciate the help, like I said I was struggling with this for few days. Have a great weekend and stay safe


Awesome and no worries glad it’s working now.