Follow our new Aerobatics team

Hey all
We recently formed an Aerobatics team in MSFS flying online.
A group of 5 strangers, from different countries, and we started training.

Very challenging
Very rewarding
And lots of fun

Follow our progress here -

Logo Fuzzy Fliers vsmall round 2


have subscribed, but only because of the name :slight_smile:

Looking forward to following your progress.

Another training completed! First time with 6 aircraft. More loopings, and more manoeuvres, but a lot of work to be done on keeping the formation close!

Watch it here:

Another training. Short video only, because flying straight & level is too boring to watch.

Proudly presenting our new livery:

Have you looked into getting one of those replay add-ons think it would greatly improve your video’s cool use of the sim though look forward to seeing how you progress.
Do you guys talk through manoeuvres? if so would be cool if that could be incorporated into the video’s.

What would be awesome if there was eventually enough different teams so could do competitions/ air shows and have someone separate recording with drone camera. Or even have circuits created like the red bull air races to compete on.

Yes we have looked into that. But unfortunately, these apps only record own aircraft position, not networked / multiplayer. So it’s not useful. What we need (at some point) is another team member flying along just outside the formation for recording, and sometimes stay on the ground for viewing & recording. Hopefully, one day we will be able to do a proper airshow!

Yes we do talk! It is essential. We use a restricted-access Discord channel. We have not tried to include it to the videos because there is also a lot of chattering, personal topics and distraction and joking :slight_smile: but yes I understand it would make the video’s more entertaining.

Thanks for following us and your suggestions!


Gosh, wish I was a team member ( oh wait… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Another training session. Here we show our new livery, and try our hand at flying inverted in close formation. Not so easy…


Nice Asobo need to make an option so plane collisions is possible so don’t have the plane going invisible when getting close.