Following my flights on Googlre Map or Earth

Is there an app to follow my flights on GMap or Earth ?
Something like VFRMap but using Google in place of OpenStreetMap ?

You can use LittleNavMap which already offers some other map options.
I didn’t try it but here’s a thread about how to add Google Maps to LittleNavMap:

I don’t see the big benefit of Google Maps. OpenStreetMap has much more detail in most places.


I already use LNM so I’ll try this.

Seems I’ve just found the places where it’s not the case :wink:

Here to say I’ve been using those Google Maps in LNM for a while and they work perfectly. Its very interesting to fly with the Google Satellite Map option while using MSFS as now and then you can compare the view out the window (Bing) with its rival showing in LNM.


After some tests, it’s exactly what I was looking for.
And inside LNM it’s a bonus !
Now I’ll see if it’s as useful as I thought, wait and see…
Thanks again.

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You will find it very useful if like me you do not like the in-game POI markers. The Google Sat map labels all the sights clearly so if you spot something out the window a glance at the LNM display will tell you what it is.

So, after some hours of tests, it is exactly what I needed.
On some places OpenStreetMap don’t show the names, on others you need to zoom in too much.
With the Google sat view in LNM it’s near perfect and I have no perfs decrease.
Anyway you can keep the choice of the map to use.
I only modified the install procedure a little, making it simplest, with no necessary update, and keeping only google views in the proposed maps.
Once unzipped, you’ll find differents type of maps in
“unzip location”\lnm-maps\data\maps\earth (12 types)
I only keep the three google ones by copying them in my LNM installation folder
x:\Little Navmap\data\maps\earth
That’s all andworks perfectly.

I’m going to try the suggestion above for LNM too. I previously tried to figure out a way to trick my Google maps for desktop to interpret MSFS location data as my location. Never managed to do it.

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