[Foot] World Tour Stage 27 - Southern China - X-Cub

World Tour Part 27 - Southern China - X-Cub

WT-27.PLN (4.3 KB)

Server Stuff:
Comms: Southern China Community Event (https://discord.com/invite/msfs)
Server: West Europe
Settings: All Players, Live Traffic, Live Weather (GameTime 07:00 UTC)
Airports: ZGBH, ZSUU, ZGZJ, ZGYJ (please grab the plan file as there is a complex path)
Aircraft: X-Cub
Duration: 3:00 (Start 19:30z UTC+0)
Purpose: Flying around the world in light aircraft, flying through Southern China, mostly coastal for this flight!
Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F16s

Pics from last event:



Dear all, this was my first (complete) participation in a “fly-in event” - and it was amazing! So thanks for organising.

Here is a little anecdote from yesterday, just when Yongjiang Heshan Airport (ZGYJ) was within 30 miles or so. My wife got impatient and urged me to shut down the computer. “But we’re JUST about to land!”. And it was at that VERY moment when I heard the sound that probably every airman and -woman fears the most: the stuttering sound of a dying engine!

Yes, it was like the second time that I flew the X-Cub. So no experience at all (as in general I am a bloody novice with flight sims - I have grasped the concepts of the A320neo so far).

I saw “FootanMouth” select the right tank at the very beginning of our trip (in the Discord life video), so I did the same. And guess what: the engine died of course because the right tank was empty. PANIC! So I quickly switched to the left tank - but then what? How to restart the engine? The speed was already less than 50 knots, as I was trying to keep the nose only slightly below the horizon. “Shut down the computer!” - “Noooooo! I got a real problem here!” :wink:

I nervously turned the “ignition” knob to “Start” several times, but the engine wouldn’t start! And the ground was coming closer. From the start I knew that I probably had to decrease the RPM lever to 20% or so - but no time to clearly think!

Oh, and mind you, I had “realistic settings”, specifically “with crash detection” and everything. So my heart was really pounding at this time: “I don’t want to miss the photo event at the airport - nooooooo…!”

At least my wife realised that I wasn’t really listening to her anymore, so she left my room… I mean cockpit - grumbling :wink:

I must admit that I had to cheat at this very last moment, so I hit CTRL + E to (automatically) start the engine - and that worked. “Pull up and re-join the pack!”

Needless to say that my landing consisted of at least 5 “jumps” - of joy, of course. But the airplane seemed to remain “re-usable” :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are some impressions.

Disclaimer: the photos have been edited in Lightroom - just like I would edit any “real world photo” (auto-contrast, vignette for effect, …)

Getting ready

In the air

First landing at ZSUU

Second leg

Serious low-altitude flying

Into the mountains

Final leg


We made it! ZGYJ


glad you enjoyeed it, the story was a great read.
also the pictures look great!

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Thanks for this. I could not be there, but your story was fun to read!