For manually initiated pushback we need a way to change direction as in FSX/P3D

Maybe there is a way to do this but when you decide to hit the key combi or button to initiate pushback it’s just straight back and no way I can see to change directions. You would use number 1 to go left and 2 to go right if I recall after starting pushback w/ the other sims. Please consider re-adding this capability it will be much appreciated I’m guessing. Thanks

Works pretty well for this exact purpose.

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How do you find out about these obscure but super helpful addons? There are atleast half a dozen if not more websites.

Thanks for that fulatoro. I would rather have simple lean key press and no modification nor GUI from outside the sim, but yes I’m sure many will use it, so hopefully Asobo will add this very simple action. If someone (like virtuali) does a complete suite I would could be interested in that, complete w/ anti-ice treatment and more. Thanks again

Spending too much time here…

If you’re on PC, you can grab Toolbar Pushabck on, by AmbitiousPilot. It’s a very small mod and works brilliantly.

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