For people who cannot wait for VR, I got 2D VR working

The term 2D VR here simply means both eyes are seeing the same image. Thus there is no depth perception.

My set up: MSFS 2020 Microsoft store version + Oculus Rift S

It is very simple: 1) download and install Opentrack. It will turn your HMD into a Track IR device. 2) Get Virtual Desktop from Oculus library. Check the option to lock the virtual desktop to your head so that you can always see the computer monitor wherever your head turns to.

Now, simply running Opentrack and Virtual Desktop along with MSFS 2020 will make your flying more immersive.

A note of caution: My MSFS is unstable, it constantly crashes. I don’t know whether running two additional programs is the cause. Running MSFS alone is not entirely stable either. But it does seem to crash less.

For anyone who likes to test this setup, please share your experience.

VR will be released in December for everyone and free, the beta testing was successful and are happy with the result, it include many brand\model, not limited to one. Explained on the last Q@A

Thanks for the quick response. That is fantastic.