For those interested, the Pink Supermoon is well represented in MSFS. Check it out!

Yes, tonight is Pink Supermoon night (or pick April 16, 2022 if you read this past then). Pick a location … pick a plane (or a boat!) and set time at dusk (near local moonrise time) … face east and enjoy the show! Quite an impressive moon to see in VR. Make sure you have ‘clear skies’ … or thin wispy clouds … set in weather. Send your screen shots!




Yes it looks very nice but that is not pink, its orange more like a blood moon.

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You’d know a blood moon if you saw it. Deeper red … cuz the moon’s in the full earth shadow (umbra) … this one has it in a half shadow (penumbra).

That depends on its position in the sky and how far through the eclipse it is. As you can see in this image a blood moon goes through an orange phase to deeper orange/red:-

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Yes but a pink moon is never a deeper red since its not a lunar eclipse.

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I see, interesting, we live and learn.

I saw it by accident. I was wondering why the contrast looked so nice.

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