Force Texture Reload (Aircraft)

Repainting aircraft has become so very and needlessly difficult.
Once, we were able to reload an aircraft to force a texture refresh whilst in the hangar, but this option has been removed.
We were able once to move around aircraft freely whilst in the hangar by using “set view”, but it seems that this is no longer possible to do this around larger aircraft such as airliners.
This morning I needed to make a simple edit to one of my liveries, and it has taken me litearlly hours to do.
Asobo, remember that liveries are crafted by the community for the community, which in turn drives you forward.
So, is there a quick way to reload textures, or must I restart the sim each and every time?
In addition, if the sim is not reloading textures on a refresh such as aircarft changes, then why isn’t it, because in my mind, it is poor practice to keep old textures alive instead of refreshing.

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This topic is not getting the exposure it needs in this particular forum.
Whilst I appreciate that the theme is livery painting, it’s still multifaceted insofar as I ask how others change view whilst in the hangar.

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You can still reload planes in the hangar. Actually I can’t remember ever having been able to instantly “refresh” an aicraft just by reloading it, and I painted my first livery in autumn 2020.

However what you can do is simply load several DIFFERENT aircraft in a row. Normally 5-6 should do. If I’d had to guess I’d say your plane is kept in memory until thrown out by something else.
Always wait till the aircraft is displayed in the hangar, then load the next one. After the fifth or sixth in my case I reload my plane with my livery and get the desired livery refresh. This will work in the hangar as well as in flight or on the tarmac.

It’s a bit cumbersome, but it works and it’s better than restarting the sim every time.

This DOES NOT work if you make changes to one of the *.cfg files like aircraft.cfg or texture.cfg. Those only seem to be reloaded after I restart the sim.

If you say so, but I didn’t see it in latest, not for very long at least.
Back to it not getting the exposure it needs, because at the end of the day, I’m looking to tap more than repainters for their knowledge.

Yes, indeed, you can load a huge number of aircraft to get the sim to eventually reload the one livery you need, but it’s an unreliable and inexact method. Yesterday I reloaded the entire sim to see one minuscule change.
TBH, it’s a waste of time complaining, I’ll just wait until the powers that be sort themselves out.
By way of protest to their indifference, I might remove my many liveries until I feel differently, not that they’ll be missed or that Asobo will notice.
Besides, who cares about other people, all the liveries I’ve ever made for FSX, P3D, XP, and MSFS have been for me and me only.

This is so time consuming. Please, Asobo give us a reload textures option!

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I just started creating textures for the new PMDG 737 for my VA, and it was quite fun to see that even the developers of this aircraft didn’t care to align their textures perfectly (look at how their house color livery around the nose gear doors is shifted a couple of pixels). And my best guess is that even they got kinda fed up with how insanely long it takes to check textures in MSFS.

Dear good people at Asobo and Microsoft… You may want to take a look at your competitors. X-Plane has a BUTTON to quickly reload ANY texture that’s currently loaded into the sim. Parts of the aircraft, scenery, sky, ANY texture you want. With a CLICK on a BUTTON.

Thanks for reading. I’ll now go back and patiently wait for the next update to the SDK.

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super agreed
this is ■■■■■■ nonsene, should preview sdk or reload texture