Ford Island Bridge near USS Arizona Memorial goes underwater

Maybe it’s a boat ramp :thinking:

Please file a bug report when you get the chance, and include general directions to the area.

lol will do…im thinking that little patch behind the bridge is the USS Arizona Memorial. Thats where its suppose to be.

If you fly over the Arizona the complex it is drawn as being underwater like so many marinas and boats.
I kind of expected to see the Mighty Mo there too.

Clearly it’s the entrance to Atlantis…


I would also be worth bringing up that location in Bing Maps, and see why it was interpreted in this way.

Atlantis. Duh.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel?

What’s the date in game? Maybe this is after global warming got really serious. :thermometer:

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In Hawaii the Ford Island Bridge doesn’t end at the island. It ends in the water. And the USS Arizona and the memorial are missing. Was this intentional or an error?

Did you file bug reports on Zendesk (link at top of page) so that the developers can know? :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Please send in a ticket. The more they receive the greater chance this will receive some attention. I turned one in on the Arizona. Please follow up. Than you.

Or just drop this into your community folder:

Free car wash with every driving visit to Pearl Harbor…


I gotta fix!

There are regulatory signs on the southern end of the big island that state: “Warning! Road may be under water at high tide.”

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Worse yet, UK registry traffic in US airspace - teehee

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