Forth Bridges

The Forth Rail Bridge near Edinburgh is under water! Also the 2 road bridges are not accurately represented. They look like they are just generic bridges.

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Being from around that area, it’s a real bug bear for me.

Also Edinburgh Castle is office blocks and the Wallace Monument outside Stirling is a high-rise flat!!

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The UK countryside is OK but the towns and cities need a lot of work particularly landmark buildings. I live in Nottingham and the autogen buildings leave a lot to be desired. It’s still a great sim though.

I agree. I’m also from around the area (near Stirling).

I hope ORBX work their magic on this sometime soon. I have their TE packages in P3D v5 and they’d look great in the new sim.

I read somewhere that in the UK only Southampton has full Bing photogrammetry coverage. All the other cities and towns have to rely on the (Blackshark) AI-generated buildings. Bucks Palace in London for instance is also an “office block”.

It’s a real shame! A UNESCO World Heritage site too! Edinburgh Castle has also been turned into apartment blocks.

Tay Rail bridge under water too!

The Falkirk Wheel is also a disappointment.

The row of terraced houses on the top of Snowdon are impressive though!

This item was delivered as part of World Update 3.