Forward View - No Cockpit

I am at a fluctuating 30-40 FPS in Diego Garcia with FSUIPC7, I just needed it to run for testing until SimConnect issues are sorted out.

Can i make duplicafe airplane with diffrent name, so i there is allways working a320 around.

Is it not possible to run Airmanager on a separate networked computer?

sure it is, but simconnect is currently bugged where i get 60-85fps depending on region and weather and connecting 1 client on simconnect to fs2020 yields 16-20fps…

also, airmanager on another computer still gives the problem of what do you see “out the window” over your separate panel…you don’t want to see the virtual cockpit AND your airmanager panel

Got it. I use Project Magenta panels on separate pc but they say until simconnect is fixed and FSUIPC7 is official I’m just in for frustration so I’ll wait. I would like a clear front view though without windscreen, frames, etc.

Look at my earlier post, it can be done.

Most probably. Or just make a backup.

I just came up with working hack. Instructions in video info:

Screenshot with undocked screen attached

I think there is a true/false flag in the model.cfg to exclude the LOD0 when in interior mode? not at my PC currently so cant be sure

if you edit the CAMERA.cfg in the aircraft folder, there is a EYEPOINT setting…putting this to 0, 0, XXXX will put the camera at the middle of the aircraft at the design reference…

I took this at -1.75, 0, xxx in the baron g58…

the only downside is all the cameras are based on this eyepoint, so they are all screwed up at the moment, but the main camera looks perfect…

Also, going into the panel.cfg, I edited the PFD/MFDs to be the GNS530/GNS430 displays I need for my GA non-glass cockpit build…

now to get the gns430 to be nav2/com2 instead of nav1/com1

Thanks for all this panel info. Very helpful. Think I’ll be working on it tomorrow for sure.

I wonder if FPS improves because you are not rendering all the other instruments.

Those did not seem to have any effect.

Not sure if anyone’s tried, but you might be able to create a Custom Camera and then edit the file to place you further forward beyond the windscreen.

If you create a custom camera (ctrl / alt / 0)

Then take a look in the aircraft folder created here …

C:\Users"Your ID"\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects

You can alter the InitialXyz at the bottom of the camera.cfg definition file.

It works!

I added 1 to the 3rd number against InitialXyz and selected my custom cam in the sim (ctrl / 0) and moved forward beyond the instruments, still behind the prop (c172). A clear view.

Thanks for your efforts.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the “8weky…” folder anywhere on my drive…

So long as you can find \Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_[any random text], you’ve found the correct folder to click. It won’t be named the same as it was for the poster above.

I don‘t, although I saved a custom camera.
What am I doing wrong?

Video is privat, unable to watch it…

I think it is the same name for everyone, I don’t think it is random. If you google the folder name, you’ll find this folder name everywhere on the web with nothing to do with me.

More info about the “no instrument” view here …